Signs of Life by Michael Madsen: Limited Edition Hardcover

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Actor, poet and now photographer Michael Madsen of Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vol. I & II chronicles his time spent off the movie sets in this full color photography and poetry book. The locations range from Texas to Terezin. Madsen dedicates this book to the memory of his friend and Reservoir Dogs co-star, Chris Penn. Release date: June 30, 2006.

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I have always been interested in photography, but never intended to have a book of my own photographs. I don’t know that much about cameras, and being a motion picture actor, I don’t even enjoy having still photos taken of me. A while back I was in New York and I went to a gallery in Soho run by Tony Shafrazi. Dennis Hopper had a collection of pictures on display he had taken of doors from all over the world. I realized then that you can take photos of just about anything and make it interesting. Dennis’s pictures were beautiful and thought provoking. I got an idea to shoot different kinds of signs while I was in Toronto working on Tilt for ESPN. I have learned a little more about cameras and I’m going to take a lot more photos in the future; however, this will be the first book published called Signs of Life. Here’s hoping that there will be someone out there who will enjoy them. –Michael Madsen 2005

SIGNS OF LIFE is actor/poet Michael Madsen’s (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, et al) first book of photography that chronicles his eye for the unusual: from the hotels, diners, and hip lounges to the vanishing small shops and businesses that have become an endangered species in today’s sea of corporate logos. This book also captures the rusted, abandoned symbols of where life once was, hence the other signs of life. From cool haunts in Toronto such as: The Cadillac Lounge and The Silver Dollar Room, to the chilling and tragic locals of Texas to Terezin and the immensity of Bejing’s Great Wall of China. New poetry selections are interspersed and contrast the visuals which once again prove Madsen as an accomplished and actualized American poet. –Michael P. Naughton, Editor, 13 Hands Publications

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Actor, poet and now photographer Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vol. I & II, Sin City, Donnie Brasco, Thelma & Louise, ESPN’s Tilt) captures an eye for the unusual on film locations from Toronto to Terezin in this full color book interspersed with new poetry selections. This book is not just the literal signs and billboards in Madsen’s travels, but also represents where life has been. Madsen dedicated this book to the memory of the late Chris Penn.


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