New Poem by Michael Madsen from Forthcoming Title: Expecting Rain

Michael Madsen recently announced his newest title: Expecting Rain, to be published by 13 Hands Publications and released in December 2012. Readers are in for surprises in this forthcoming, colorized combination of poetry and photography in the style of American Badass and Signs of Life.  

The following poem is a preview courtesy of Michael Madsen and 13 Hands Publications (c. 2011):


 Sometimes, towards home, I unfasten my seatbelt before the last mile to the finish.

And I always think of Dale Earnhardt who apparently did the same thing on the last lap

Of the Daytona 500, which they say, is the reason he was killed.

When his mighty machine hit the wall,

And that rolling thunder that was Dale,

Went quiet.

 One last mile to home, to the front gate. To my sons and my wife, and the dogs… the lizard. 

The turtles. The birds and ants in the pantry.

Dead rats in the garage and baby squirrels drowned In the pool. 

Old pictures on the table for and the message light blinking on the phone.

Hell Ride Gent bike in the driveway and my big blue Ford carried me back once again

Where I write this now and back to thinking about so many things

That my head might explode 

Like an Atomic weapon.

 I thought about driving a race car for a living when I was in the strength of my youth, 

But now it’s just a goofy idea, but there once was a brave man who did it,

Did it better than anyone.

His name was Dale.

And ever since that fateful afternoon, when he unhooked at over 200 mph 

On his way to wherever he was meant to go.

I have never done it myself on my to whatever is left of my life 

Without thinking of him.

M.M. June 2011




From Michael Madsen’s forthcoming book:Expecting Rain (c. 2011, 13 Hands Publications)

M.M. June 2011