5 Reasons Why “Expecting Rain” is Michael Madsen’s Best Book Yet

Expecting Rain by Michael Madsen – Introduction
by Jerry Hopkins – C. 13 Hands Publications 2013
  1. DENNIS HOPPER.  Michael dedicated this book to the late Dennis Hopper. Dennis was the first person to endorse Michael as a poet (he wrote the Foreword to Michael’s book “Burning in Paradise” in 1998). He also inspired Michael to become a photographer which resulted in the 2006 release of Signs of Life (13 Hands Publications).
  2. JERRY HOPKINS wrote the Introduction to this book. You know Jerry Hopkins as the co-author of Jim Morrison’s definite bio No One Here Gets Out Alive.
  3. EXPECTING RAIN includes some of Michael’s best poetry. If you check out “Looking for Fante,” “Fugazi” and “Morning of the Red Ninja” you will see he has matured as a poet. His voice is unique.
  4. FAMILY FIRST. This book in particular is personal. If you want to see what really matters in Michael Madsen’s world, this book provides insight into his world and inner circle.
  5. EXPECTING RAIN might be his final book of poetry. That’s right, this could be his swan song to the written word. It took him a long time to write this one and there were many delays in getting it to market. Only time will tell. 13 Hands will be publishing The Complete Poetic Works Vol 2: 2005-2015 (in 2015).

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